Visit from Amanuel Rwanda

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Today we have had a guest from Rwanda.Amanuel has come from Africa with are singing teacher Mrs Shirley.Amanuel works in a school called musasa school and is an English teacher.Amanuel has learned us a lot about his kind of songs and his country were he lives.Amanuel told us that he has to travel an hour everyday to get to work.He doesn’t have a car so he travels on a bike.Myself Ethan, Lainie, Macie and Tatenda gave Amanuel a tour of our school. We played football and he really likes our school.Hopefully he likes our country to.

Visit to Blackpool Zoo

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Today,Year Six have visited Blackpool Zoo to explore more about their topic ‘survival’.They have seen some of the greatest animals and learned about their survival/adaptations .They have seen animals from the red panda to the ginormous elephant and they have had a wonderful time.
Lainie and Xavier
Today at Blackpool zoo we really enjoyed seeing the animals and learning about them. As well as listening to the talks about the animals we also experienced how the animals adapt to different situations .

Ellis & Leah 

Bouncy Castle

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This morning, all the children from England house point team enjoyed playing on an inflatable assault course as their treat for winning this year’s house point competition!

IMG_5844 IMG_5845


Rose Bridge Science Fair

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Today, Year 5 visited Rose Bridge Science Fair where they took part in lots of fun and interesting experiments, including balloon rockets, writing with invisible ink and maggot racing! 

Military session

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Today Year 5 were tested on their agility and reaction times. 

Poetry week

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Today Year 5 had a visit from poet Paul Delaney who helped them write their own ‘thank you’ poems. Well done to all the children for their fantastic work, and the children that performed their poems in assembly.