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Rose Bridge Science Fair

Today, Year 5 visited Rose Bridge Science Fair where they took part in lots of fun and interesting experiments, including balloon rockets, writing with invisible ink and maggot racing! 

Poetry week

Today Year 5 had a visit from poet Paul Delaney who helped them write their own ‘thank you’ poems. Well done to all the children for their fantastic work, and… Read more »

Military session

This afternoon Year 5 had another brilliant military session learning how to safely carry their partner and also did some wrestling. 

Military session 2

Year 5 had another fantastic afternoon working in teams to build their own shelters. Each shelter was then tested to how effective it was against water, resulting in some of… Read more »

Egyptian Day

Today Year 5 have had an exciting day exploring our Egyptian topic. They have translated hieroglyphics, done some Egyptian maths, recreated the mummification process and lots more!